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Why do most online business ideas fail?

An online business is a popular option these days to generate extra income or even serve as a full-time job. However, many of these business models fail due to a mistake in implementation, especially when it comes to the correct use of store and content management systems. The reason for this is often that most coaches, courses and tutorials focus on marketing while neglecting the technical and creative perspective of online business.

1. cause: Inferior store systems and content management software

A common mistake that many entrepreneurs make is using inferior store and content management systems or choosing a poor hosting platform. Inferior store and content management systems as well as poor modules can lead to malfunctions or security risks that can jeopardize your website and your company. A poor hosting platform can lead to slow loading times, which can significantly impact the user experience and deter potential customers.

Important components of a successful online store are e.g:

A successful online store requires a variety of functions to meet the needs of both the customer and the company. From product and category management to comprehensive security and data protection measures, all aspects must be seamlessly integrated. The most important components of an online store that are essential for smooth operation and high customer satisfaction are described below.

  1. Product and category management:
    The ability to create, edit and manage products and categories is a basic function of every online store system.
  2. Shopping cart and checkout:
    A shopping cart allows customers to select and purchase products, while the checkout process handles payment and shipment of the order.
  3. Payment and shipping options:
    An online store should offer a variety of payment and shipping options to meet the needs of different customers.
  4. Customer account and order history:
    A customer account allows customers to view their order history and manage their data.
  5. Search function:
    A search function allows customers to search for specific products quickly and easily.
  6. Ratings and reviews:
    Ratings and reviews can help customers make informed purchasing decisions, while for online stores they are an important tool for customer loyalty.
  7. Marketing tools:
    An online store should offer marketing tools such as vouchers, discounts, upsells and cross-sells to increase sales and customer loyalty.
  8. Analytics and reporting:
    Analytics tools can help to measure and optimize the performance of the online store, while reporting tools can provide insights into order history, customer behavior and trends.
  9. Security and data protection:
    The security of payments and personal data is an important factor for every online store. An online store should have SSL encryption and other security measures in place to protect its customers’ data.
  10. Support and help:
    A good online store should offer customer support and help to solve questions and problems quickly and effectively. This can be done by e-mail, telephone or live chat.

2. cause: No clear target group

Another problem is that many online business models do not have a clear target group and do not focus on a specific niche. Without a clear target group and a specific niche, it will be difficult to establish a brand and attract potential customers. A clear target group also helps when creating content and choosing the right marketing channels.

3. cause: Poorly designed website

In addition, many online entrepreneurs neglect the design and user experience of their website. A poorly designed website can put off potential customers and affect trust in the brand. A website should be clear, easy to navigate and attractively designed to provide a positive user experience.

4. cause: Lack of knowledge regarding SEO

Another challenge for online entrepreneurs is the lack of knowledge regarding search engine optimization (SEO). A poor SEO strategy can lead to your website not performing well in search results and therefore less traffic being generated to your website. A good SEO strategy can help you optimize your website for search engines and increase your visibility.

5. cause: lack of technical know-how

In conclusion, it can be said that many online business ideas fail due to a lack of technical know-how. The marketing and distribution of products are important, but the technical and design perspective should not be neglected. It is important that you take the time to understand the technical aspects of your website and ensure that they are working optimally. When investing in WooCommerce and WordPress, make sure you choose the right hosting platforms and plugins and design your website to provide a positive user experience. This way you can ensure that your online business is successful and grows in the long term.

6. cause: excessively high operating costs of the online store

A good online store costs money, that’s clear. But the ratio of income to expenditure must of course be right and at the end of the day there should also be a profit from online sales. However, if the online store and the associated services turn a profit into a loss due to high costs, something is wrong. It is therefore important that the creation of the online store as well as the operation incl. support, product maintenance and updates are in line with the revenue generated. A common problem is that the creation of the online store has already swallowed up so much money that there are no funds left for the running costs and necessary adjustments or optimizations before the return on investment even occurs. This is the premature “death” for any online business or the online store “vegetates” in its original state for a long time without making a profit.
That’s why you should opt for a cost-effective and easily scalable online solution from the outset, one that offers plenty of leeway for the initial period and already provides all the necessary features for a successful online business.

Our solutions for a successful online business

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