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conImago offers design and marketing services with a focus on business design, web design and corporate design – from the idea to the consistent realization to the high-quality material and digital result.
In addition to modern digital online services, strategic corporate communication, in particular the visual repositioning of companies, is one of conImago’s core competencies.

Over 25 years of experience

As freelance communication designers, we have been supporting companies with extensive know-how and services in marketing and developing new markets and customer groups for over 25 years. This includes the development of online marketing strategies and internet presences for marketing a wide range of products and services as well as the optimization of existing websites and online stores.

Our customers

conImago works with national and international companies, institutions, freelancers and private individuals for whom the creative and sophisticated realization of individual positioning at a high level is an indispensable part of their life and work culture. Our customers attach great importance to originality, intelligent ideas and appealing design and do not regard perfectly formed corporate communication as a mere luxury culture.

Our vision

We see our work as value creation and as a medium for presenting language and ideas in a transparent and understandable way in an increasingly complicated world. In this way, we make complex relationships visible, legible and communicable. We always focus on the business success of our clients.

Innovative solutions

Under the brand, conImago offers process-optimized online solutions for companies. These ready-made software and marketing solutions – based on WordPress, WooCommerce and other market-leading software – strengthen our customers’ competitiveness while reducing costs and effort.

Your contact persons

Simply arrange an appointment with us. Quite uncomplicated. If there’s a fire, right away.

Petra Maspohl

Graphic design & brand development

Bernward Maspohl

Business Design & Web Development

We work for the following brands: