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WordPress and WooCommerce in comparison with website builders

If you are faced with the decision to create your own website, you will probably ask yourself whether you should use a website builder or WordPress. Both options have advantages and disadvantages that you should weigh up carefully before making a decision.

A website builder is a user-friendly option for beginners who have no programming knowledge. You can choose from a variety of templates and customize them according to your needs. Hosting and the domain are usually included in the website builder offer, so you don’t have to worry about these technical details. It’s also a cost-effective approach as you have no additional design or programming expenses.

However, a website builder also has its disadvantages. The templates can be very limited and may not always meet your requirements. Customization options may be limited and it may be difficult to expand the website later. In addition, it can be difficult to distinguish your website from others, as many users use the same construction kit.

WordPress is an open platform that gives you more freedom and control over your website. There are a variety of free and paid themes and plugins that can help you design and expand your website. It is a particularly good option if you want to expand your website in the future, as you can add additional functions at any time.

However, using WordPress can be more difficult for beginners as you need some technical knowledge to understand and use the platform. You also have to choose your own hosting and domain options, which can involve additional costs and technical work.

Overall, the choice between a website builder and WordPress depends on what requirements you have for your website and how much control you want to have over the design and expansion of your website. Wenn du eine einfache Webseite benötigst und wenig technisches Wissen hast, kann ein Homepage-Baukasten eine gute Option sein. However, if you need more control and flexibility and are willing to deal with the technical side of things, WordPress could probably be a much better choice.

Topic Website builder WordPress
Usability User-friendly for beginners without programming knowledge Requires technical knowledge to understand and use the platform
Customization options Limited customization options More freedom and control over the website
Selection of templates Selection from a variety of templates Large number of free and paid themes and plugins for designing and expanding the website
Expandability Difficulties in expanding the website Possibility to expand the website in the future and add additional functions
Hosting and domain Hosting and domain usually included in the offer Hosting and domain options must be selected by the customer, which entails additional costs and technical effort
Costs Cost-effective, as no additional expenditure is required for design or programming Costs may be incurred due to additional design and programming work
Uniqueness Difficulties in distinguishing themselves from other users Possibility to customize the website and differentiate yourself from other users
Functions Limited to offered functions Large selection of functions via plug-ins and possibility of individual programming
Interfaces and integration

Hardly any connections to external systems and providers possible

Large selection of ready-made connection options and individual programming possible
SEO Strongly limited search engine optimization Complex search engine optimization possible
Onlineshop Usually only possible to a limited extent Expandable to a professional online store with WooCommerce


conImago has been professionally involved in the implementation of websites and online stores for many years and has tested various options in these areas. Our choice for the best CMS fell on WordPress in most use cases, and for good reasons: The WordPress system is free, offers endless expansion options, is flexible and user-friendly. In contrast to this are the website construction kits, which do not offer most of the advantages and are not suitable for truly professional and sustainable use. We don’t want to condemn this option in general, but due to their limited possibilities, website builders are only a good solution if, for example, you only want to create a digital business card quickly and don’t want to spend any more time on it. For all those who are serious about their website or online store and want to win customers, our clear favorites are WordPress and WooCommerce.

Our solutions for a successful online business

With our preconfigured and documented WordPress and WooCommerce solutions, especially with the ready-to-use installer packages from, we close the gap between a website construction kit and a fully-fledged WordPress content management system. This means you can benefit from great flexibility, infinite expandability and user-friendliness without having to have a high level of specialist knowledge. Our offers are also interesting for web designers and advertising agencies and offer an easy introduction to the more complex world of WordPress and WooCommerce. With the WooCommerce Installer package, you as a web designer can, for example, offer your customers a complex WooCommerce online store – even if it is perhaps the first time for you.